Holland Trip / March 8 - 19 2017
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Street Soccer Camp / June 8-11, 2015
Interview with Terry Michler
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Holland 2015 Recap pdf

Jan Prujin Coaching Program - 13 day Tour (

Ferguson’s Formula by Anita Elberse ( article )

The National Federation of State High School Coaches Association has named CBC's Terry Michler as its 2010 Coach of the Year in boys soccer ( pdf )

Find a Way to Win - A conversation on managing great team performances with Terry Michler, America’s All-Time Winningest High School Soccer Coach - by Dan Coughlin ( pdf )

The CBC Dutch Touch International Soccer Program Since our website has been in operation, our visitors have come from over 70 countries – that truly is International. We would like to extend an invitation to anyone who would like to participate in our activities to please feel free to do so. Whether you are in the St. Louis area, outside of Missouri, or even beyond the USA, we would like you to feel welcome to join us in our clinics, camps and travel. ( more)

4 part interview with Terry Michler on Mind Games ~ Radio Show / 590 KFNS ( click )


Just Posted ------ Holland 2012 Recap....( pdf )

CBC Dutch Touch Holland Trip / March 6-17, 2013
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CBC Dutch Touch can provide the following for your club or team:
-- Improve your coaching staff with a Coaching clinic
-- Conduct team training sessions
-- Match analysis of your team
-- Psychological Profile analysis of your players
"Fun or Fear"
- What Motivates Young Players"

Our Biggest Mistake: Talent selection instead of talent identification website article


Book list has been updated and some book summaries are on the (Books/Articles Page)

Interview with Terry Michler - "Questions for ASET website-member profile" ( pdf )

Jan Pruijn - A Lesson in Total Football ( pdf )

Jan Pruijn interim head coach at Ajax Cape Town (pdf)


Book list has been updated and some book summaries are on the (Books/Articles Page)

Dutch ‘Total Football’ examines all of the elements that make the Dutch special. This includes the cultural, developmental and geographic differences that are unique to the people of the Netherlands. This soccer book is different than any other you’ve ever read because in addition to showing you the exercises, drills and small-sided games the Dutch use to develop incredible players it also describes how Dutch culture affects their approach to soccer. This is the third book Terry Michler has produced. The first two were Coaching Soccer Champions and Full Season Training Program – CBC High School Team


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