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UEFA Grassroots Program

UEFA, the governing body of European soccer, has taken the initiative to support and encourage grassroots soccer in each of its member associations. Specifically, it is UEFA's role to stimulate interest through promotional activities and materials, to provide expert assistance, facilities and equipment, to organize educational courses and conferences, to create guidelines for grassroots' programs based on best practice; and to generate new ideas which will motivate those working with the players - the instructors and the coordinators.

When dealing with those who play for fun at the grassroots level, the philosophy is clear: The game must be open, safe, everywhere, lively, fair, simple, personal, creative and enjoyable. And, significantly, the game must be viewed as a vehicle for social inclusion and educational development.

Without mass participation and public interest in the game, soccer's popularity will wane. The production of elite players is not the main purpose of grassroots programs. Participation and a love of the game are the core values which underpin a dynamic all-inclusive grassroots soccer environment.

UEFA recognizes the value of grassroots programs as a vehicle for educational, social and sporting development and commit to invest in player development schemes and community projects, in particular those that have a social value.

UEFA' s vision of grassroots soccer is that everyone has the opportunity to play, there is no discrimination, safety is a priority, and human relations are more important than results. Other key principles in their philosophy are: action must be simple, dynamic, exciting and rewarding - players come first - relationships, teamwork and skill development are key components.

The Soccer Pyramid
TOP Level -- Pro Soccer / National Team
MIDDLE Level -- Elite Youth Soccer - Pro Academies / National Selection
BASE Bottom level -- Grassroots Soccer - Children's, Amateur, Leisure, School

'Success' is, quite simply,

helping people to fall in love

with the beautiful game

and keeping the flames of affection

burning for as long as possible.

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